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About Our Company

BAT investigation & Security Co. Ltd is a licensed private investigation and security risk management company operating throughout Ghana.


Our Mission

To evolve, develop and administer Investigation & security solutions and services that will exceed the expectations of our clients, earn the confidence of all stakeholders and contribute to sustainable development.

Our Vision

To be the preferred security company offering unreserved protection of lives, properties and reputation.

Our Values

  • Trust & Integrity
  • Selfless service & Innovation
  • Self-development & Partnership with clients

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Frequent Asked Questions

BAT investigation staff are trained to handle cases respecting client confidentiality, regardless whether any non-disclosure agreements have been signed. Bat Investigation reassures its clients that this confidentiality extends even after the completion of an inquiry. Bat investigation teaches its staff to maintain a high level of professional and ethical conduct. In conducting investigations and Assessments, our operatives and researchers will ensure that the best practices are followed and that any information will be obtained ethically and legally, adhering to local laws and by-laws.

BAT Investigation & Security can investigate anyone but investigations must be both legal and ethical. Under most circumstances, Bat Investigation will need an authorization from the client, such as for pre-employment screening and for due diligence cases. However, we understand that some inquiries need to be discreet, such as employee fraud and assets tracing. For the latter, the nature and background of the case needs to be assessed, along with checks for any conflicts of interests. Bat Investigation has an in-house legal advisor and is in a good position to seek legal advice prior to taking on cases and ensure all evidence collected are legal and admissible as evidence in legal proceedings.

After receiving an inquiry, a scope and methodology of an investigation or assessment is proposed to the client along with fees. These fees are determined based on the amount of work required by our team, the research undertaken, databases accessed, and field inquiries involved. All fees will include disbursements. For some cases such as surveillance operations, Bat Investigation may charge an hourly or daily rate, depending on how many operatives are deployed, the length of the operation, the requirement of a private vehicle etc. For these cases, disbursements may be added on top and charged at cost. At Bat Investigation, we are committed to providing reasonable and competitive fee quotes with no hidden charges.